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    Camera Tracking by Lens Type


      Hello all, as we know, to integrate CG elements into live action footage, the footage must be camera tracked where a 3D camera will then be obtained and work can proceed further in the 3D program and then composited in AE.


      As you may know, a Prime Lens is one with a fixed focal length, e.g. 35mm or 85mm and it cannot zoom because it is not a zoom lens. You may also know that an anamorphic lens squeezes the image onto the sensor to create a wide image and it is desqueezed for post-production work.


      The question here is:


      Looking at all the processes involved in the matchmoving/camera tracking workflow, would it be faster tracking/matchmoving a plate that was shot with a prime lens? Therefore would the process take longer if the lens used was an anamorphic lens?


      I ask because I read that there is a desqueeze and resqueeze that needs to be done before and after the CG work is done, therefore I thought working with plates shot with a prime lens (fixed focal length) will be faster than an anamorphic lens workflow.


      I would be grateful for your input.