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    Problem with tables -- need help!

      I am having problems with table formatting, when using Preformatted text. The tables look fine in the WYSIWYG editor, but have lots of extra space above and below the text when looking at the output files.

      I will attach the code from one of the HTML files from my project, so you can see what I'm talking about.

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          Roger N Level 2
          stealth94rt -

          The space at the top can be removed by setting the top space from "top: 248px;" to "top: 0px;"

          You can also remove the <h4> </h4> tags from beneath the table.

          You also have a table cell set at an absolute - "height: 454px;" if you don't use all that space, it will create a large whitespace beneath the table, as well.

          good luck!
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            stealth94rt Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply. However, if you'll notice the first table, there are no margins, height, etc. on that one, yet it still displays extra space in the cell below the text (only when viewing the output - all looks fine within the WYSIWYG editor).

            Any more ideas on this? Thanks again.
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              Roger N Level 2

              Well, if you're talking about the single-celled table with the line:

              <p class=Preformatted>[assembly: Ace.AceAssembly]</p>

              ... you can eliminate the <P> tags. that will give you one line less. Otherwise, your remaining space is the result of the <PRE> tag. It, like the <XMP> tag, gives it one line of space beneath as well.

              Your alternative beyond that would be to, when needed, wrap up the script in Javascript. That line, for instance, wouldn't need it.