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    The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Cursor

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      Anybody else ever have problems with their text-entry cursor habitually
      disappearing in the script window? (Also affects text/field edit window.)
      It doesn't seem to be happening in any other program but this one. It also
      doesn't blink like it should even when you can see it. Moving the cursor up
      or down a line brings it back, as does moving it with a mouse-click.
      (Though sometimes using the mouse often causes it to leave behind
      ghost-cursors everywhere.) But move it left or right, either with the arrow
      keys or by typing/deleting something, and it vanishes. It makes it really
      hard to work sometimes when you can't see where your cursor is...

      For the record: DirMX (not 2004), WinXP, not sure what else matters.