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    Please tell me how to create a 150px x150px thumbnail in any of these formats jpeg, png, or gif from an InDesign file?


      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to post a poster to the AIGA. I am participating in the "Get the Vote 2016 campaign" Presently, I am trying to produce the 150x150 pixel thumbnail and to no avail I cannot seem to do it without distorting it. Also, I should mention that I am not a novice to file formats. I have some understanding in regards to utlilizing file formats, but I am no expert. This one has got me perplexed on what to do. I have tried many things, but not sure if I am doing something wrong. Also asked a few friends, but unfortunately they are as clueless as I am. I will also need to do this for the 1080x1080px for Instagram which may be problematic too. This is what I have done.


      I did what a friend I went to school with suggested/reminded me to do by holding and drag the entire design, but it eliminates all the fonts especially when I reduced it those measurments.



      Also, tried a couple of image resizers, but it comes out so distorted that there is no way that I would post it.



      A couple more, which I am not sure if I understood what to do, but tried and nothing happened, but I went to File> Document Setup, change the page dimensions and click OK, that did not work. Lastly, I tried the page tool in the tool panel where one can supposedly make the adjustments with the proxy icon, which also did not flourish any results. Please help, as I am going crazy with it! Someone, anyone, save me! lol



      1. Download the .zip file containing the InDesign template for your poster.
      2. Design your poster, leaving the branded band embedded at the bottom.
      3. Provide your information (name, city, state) for design credit in the branded band where indicated. The text is set in Haptik, which is include in the .zip file.
      4. Once you’ve completed your poster, consult the checklist below to ensure your submission meets all of the requirements.
      5. Prepare a thumbnail image at 150x150 pixels in RGB, saved as JPEG or PNG for the gallery overview at aiga.org/vote.

      Submission checklist

      • The poster message is nonpartisan
      • Bleed is 0.125 inch
      • AIGA Get Out the Vote branded band appears at bottom of poster
      • Credit has been provided where indicated in the band
      • InDesign file and linked artwork are set to CMYK
      • Poster is 11 x 17 inches (portrait)
      • All images are 300 dpi at full size
      • All type has been converted to outline
      • Any foreign language copy included in your design is translated into English in the submission description
      • Poster is saved as a press quality PDF without security restrictions
      • Please do not include crop marks

      If your poster meets all of the above requirements, you are ready to submit through this entry form. After your submission is uploaded, it will be reviewed to ensure it adheres to the submission requirements and, upon approval, uploaded to the online gallery.

      Images must be 150x150 pixels; JPG, PNG, or GIF files; and 50k or less.




      Include a 1080x1080 pixel image for sharing on Instagram.