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    WebHelp Wizard error

      After making some updates to my project, I went to run the new version so I could verify it and move it where it needed to go. I get the error message that WebHelp has encountered and unexpected error and can't generate. It looks like it is generating when I go through singlesource or the generate option under file, but it doesn't take long and nothing different shows up when it is finished. HELP. The project is stored on a network if that helps. Thanks.
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          ElisaFnord Level 2
          The project is stored on a network...well, that certainly helps the diagnosis.

          Get the source files off the network. Put them on the C: drive of the PC where RoboHelp is installed. You can copy source files to a network drive for a backup, but never, never, never work across a network.

          Why? Because what RoboHelp uses to define a project is an Access 97 database. Access does not run well over a network (this isn't just anecdotal, Microsoft affirms it).

          So "run local" is one of the Two Commandments of RoboHelp. Just FYI, the other command ment is that RH needs to be installed on your PC, using your login, and your login must have admin privileges on that PC at the time of install.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Ho OK917

            Well, for starters, try closing RoboHelp, then moving that project OFF the network to your local C drive. Then generate it and see if things improve.

            If this works, your next assignment is to spend 20 minutes of your lunch break searching these forums using the term "network". You will be surprised at the number of posts you discover when you do this.

            Cheers... Rick
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              LOL, sorry Elisa, didn't see you standing there.
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                OK917 Level 1
                I know, I have RH installed on my machine and I have admin access, but my boss is a micromanager delux and she wants to have access to the project at all times. Which means storing it on the network drive. I have moved it back to my hard drive several times, but she just doesn't get it. I'll give it a shot. Thanks.
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                  RoboWizard Level 4
                  Hi again

                  Does your boss also have RoboHelp and make edits? (Hopefully not)

                  One approach might be to simply place a copy of your project on the network at the day's end.

                  Just a thought... Rick
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                    OK917 Level 1
                    yes, and yes. I guess I will have to go back to just loading a copy back to the network every time I make a change, but I work for a state agency and you guessed it, we have a very slow network. OH, well, thanks for all the help.