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    Audio Reaction Formulae Assistance


      Hi, could someone please provide their perspective and heightened knowledge on the matter.


      I saw a video tutorial on a person using the reactions making audio react to scale of a shape, so it would bounce out.


      I was inspired on that and thought how cool glow intensity would look like so I took a standard image and animated it, its an image with a art drawn background of the ocean underneath and so I added a glow to some of it's elements such as the fish and the bubbles etc then while the audio plays certain elements react to the height of the frequency, but till today I have lost the formula I had used to make every glow particle react to certain frequencies but the main question is: How do I make it that the glow intensity on certain elements transition slowly instead of looking like its being switched on and off "spazztically" like switching off a light and then switching it on again, I would like to make it look more professional and make it look like there is an on-off transition in about 1sec so instead of it stop glowing instantly rather transition the intensity from eg. 75% till 0% over 1sec at a frequency of " x "