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    Future updates


      Are you developers planning to introduce more features like editing lines, pen tool, mirror painting and and new brushes?

      I think you guys can do it, but you won't because desktop version will become useless.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Orestgudz,


          I just responded to a similar question on another post (Paid version with more features ). Here's what I posted there:


          With the wider adoption of the iPad Pro, we've been getting more and more comments/feature requests like yours.

          The drawing teams know that people are interested in being able to take work from start to finish in our mobile apps so there are many conversations about what to bring to the apps and what to leave out. At this point, I'm unsure what the plan is for bringing more "Illustrator-like" features to Draw.

          I wish I had more information for you... I'll definitely pass your comments along to the product team.


          Hope that helps.