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    Text box cannot be moved or resized from 0,0

    markgerber Level 1

      Working on a book interior, I've lost the text boxes on one of the spreads. That is, they're not lost so much as immovable and unresizable.

      I can see their content in Story Editor, and they are selectable in the layers palette.

      My pages are 7x10 and somehow, both text boxes (according to the palette at the top of the screen) were moved to x:7, y:5 (both in the center, at the inside edge of the page). The text box size is w:0, h:0.

      When one is selected, the only thing visible is its blue arrow indicating the text flows.

      If I try to move it with the arrows, I get a message saying, "The value would cause one or more objects to leave the pasteboard."

      Clicking an arrow to change its size, does nothing, entering a number is ignored and the values remain at 0,0.


      Another odd thing, probably related: creating a new text box on another page's pasteboard with independant text and moving that box to the troublesome spread, causes that new text box to disappear, too. The coordinates all say: NaN in


      I'm stumped. Any thoughts or suggestions?