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    Unable to add MP4 files


      Hello --


      I am trying to make a video, using Premier Elements 14.  Most of the video files that I have on my hard drive are importing without a hitch, but one set, which happen to be an important set, are not coming through.  When I try to add them, I get the "generic error" message.


      They were sent to me as email attachments, which I then downloaded to my hard drive.  They are all  MP4 files.  They have the following properties:



      Frame width: 720

      Frame height: 1280

      Data rate: 4878 kbps

      Total bitrate: 4940 kbps

      Frame rate: 11 frames/second



      Bit rate: 62 kbps

      Channels: 1 (mono)

      Audio sample rate: 44 kHz


      Size: 5.89 MB


      They are all in my download folder, and play fine on my computer, but for whatever reason, I can't get them into PE.


      I tried concerting them to mov files, but that didn't make a difference.


      Any thoughts/suggestions?  I appreciate whatever assistance anyone may be able to offer.


      Thanks so much.