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    Size / Suffix list: Is there a way to save the parameters as a template and also to have more than 10 items.


      1. Size / Suffix template


      I'm exporting assets to iPhone, iPad and Android. With every new psd file I have to create Export As > Scale All > Size / Suffix parameters by hand. suffix.PNG

      (not really convenient). I'd love to just choose my suffix template from a list / file / whatever. I'm creating this list every time and it looks the same every time. Takes also long time every time



      2. Max 10 items on the Size / Suffix list


      Not only that - there's a 10 sizes limit on this list. It's not enough for me, so I write out 10 sizes, export, then write out new list of sizes and export again. The thing is - when I save the file it remembers last used list of sizes. So if there's any change in the design at all, I'm making double lists by hand all over again.



      So...  This whole Export As experience is, without a doubt, faster than doing it by hand.
      But also washing clothes in a river compared to a lake, and still, people want a washing machine.