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    Can't launch After Effects


      Hello, I'm having an issue launching after effects. I just now bought a plan for it and afterwards, I downloaded Creative Cloud and and installed it. After the installation it said for me to start trial (I thought I already bought it but went along with it.) I did and it said I started my 7 day trial of after effects so I clicked buy now and it said I already had a plan so I closed out of that. Now when I tried launching it again it said for me to uninstall and reinstall the program, giving me error 16 so I looked online and tried to fix the issue. I even tried to run CC and AE as an administrator but it still didn't work. It gave me Error code 213:5 and said an error has occurred when licencing the product, please restart your computer and relaunch the product. I did that and it keeps giving me the same error. Does anybody know how to fix this. Did I do something wrong?