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    Data import - directory listing

    RickChicago Level 1

      Should be the easiest thing - I have a directory listing. I need it to import into snaking columns, and to wrap around placed objects - photos, other article, etc.  When I import the data, I wind up with literally 200 individual text blocks/stories.  Not one, long text block/story. If I need to manually correct one line - say add or delete something - it's not practical to then manually adjust all the other ones.  In PageMaker this was so easy (dating myself) - but here it's seems to be impossible.  I found a couple of scripts, but they seem to be written for older versions of ID and don't work (error 198 invalid object.)


      Any suggestions? I volunteered to do this for a small non-profit, so I'm not about to spend hundreds of $$$ on a commercial plugin!