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    loading gpx track file into lightroom 6.6.1 is not working

    GreyT Level 1


      I have a new Nikon D750, and i use my iPhone 6S for collecting track info. I use the walkmeter app to generate the GPX file. the camera and the iPhone is in sync timewise. Importing the GPX file into LR 6.6.1 does however not give much trackinfo in the MAP view. only a short  maybe 25 meters (blue) line is shown even the total file covers 20 km.

      looking at the GPX file (in text wrangler) it looks completely fine with lots of inputs.


      so why does it not show correctly in LR-maps?


      I use LR standalone on a MacPro running OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan


      in all other aspects LR is running smoothly