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    Submitting Feedback

      I have created a feedback form within Robohelp, which all appears to be working.

      When the 'submit button' is pressed the user is informed that the information is to be sent via email.

      The local email programme is opened and the email address is automatically entered.

      However neither the subject or any feedback information is placed within the email????

      Is there something else im missing?

      Many Thanks
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          Roger N Level 2
          abdab35 -

          Can you provide the script you are using to build and submit the email?
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
            If you want to do this the form way, I am sure Roger will identify the problem with your script.

            The alternative is to provide a button or a link that creates an email with the To field completed as a minimum but the option to complete a subject line and include some default text, Type your message here, for example. Personally I prefer that when I go to a website as I then have a record of the message sent which I don't have when it is done via a form. Snippet 4 on my site covers the method. Click here.

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              abdab35 Level 1
              There doesnt appear to be any special script?

              I have create a form and added a number of tick boxes etc.

              Ive entered the mailto: email address within the form properties and entered and Submit button from the form elements menu?

              Is there anything else?

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi abdab35

                RoboHelp was constructed with the idea of building help systems as the driving factor. Sounds like you may be coming from a world of FrontPage, where forms are part of web development. FrontPage makes forms easy. If you want to do forms using RoboHelp, you will have a more difficult time of it. You will usually have to step outside of the cozy confines of RoboHelp and build some script that will handle the form. This is why Roger was talking about the script bit.

                Forms aren't really a natural part of a help file. Hence the dearth of features for using them.

                Cheers... Rick