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    Paid version with more features


      Hi there,


      I love the way the adobe draw app draws. It has a really nice, fluid way of drawing and I enjoy using the app more than some other paid applications I have.  However, I'm one of the many iPad pro users who is calling out for more features. I would gladly pay for an app with upgraded features like the capacity to select and scale/move a line and to allow placement of lines inside or outside. I would also be more likely to subscribe to a cloud plan if a pro app with these features was included with such a subscription.


      I know many other people have mentioned these frustrations with the app. I know these changes are probably low priority upgrades to a free app. Please just pass on that there are definitely users who would pay for an upgrade.



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi KitD,


          With the wider adoption of the iPad Pro, we've been getting more and more comments/feature requests like yours.


          The drawing teams know that people are interested in being able to take work from start to finish in our mobile apps so there are many conversations about what to bring to the apps and what to leave out. At this point, I'm unsure what the plan is for bringing more "Illustrator-like" features to Draw.


          I wish I had more information for you... I'll definitely pass your comments along to the product team.


          Thanks for taking the time to post.