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    Hebrew not installed



      I'm working on PC system 10, I had to format my system and after I'v installed adobe CS6 suit - it supports hebrew, my Indesign not showing the ME type tool at all, and in the paragraph window the icon of paragraph direction is not exist.

      I'v tried to install an erlier version (cs 5.5) and the trail cc version of indesign and it's the same... they all missing...

      attachet screen pict:


      in illustrator the right to left tool is appears:


      can you please help me solve this?

      thank you all

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          George_Salnik Adobe Community Professional

          Are you sure that you use ME installator and have right license for this?


          Your CS6 license as TLP/Box or as cloud?


          If as TLP - find in licensing.adobe.com your ME distributive if him available for you and install.

          If cloud version - find your ME distributive in settings of "adobe creative cloud" desktop app and install.

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            oritkarit Level 1

            yes, I have right license, and I'v installed the ME version because in illustrator I have the right to left tool...

            the cs6 suit was installed on my computer before and worked very good with no problems until I'v formated my computer system and since then only the indesign not working as it was.

            I can work in indesign in hebrew but the tools are missing and I realy need them to work properly

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              Ericadyson Level 1

              I had this problem in both IND and AI.. I can't remember what I did. I will

              check and get back to you!

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                oritkarit Level 1

                I can't wait.... thank you!

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                  Ericadyson Level 1


                  I have World paragraph composer set in the Justification tab in the paragraph


                  And in Advanced Type in Preferences, I have World Paragraph composer set

                  Then when you select Hebrew or English, you can type in the direction you need!

                  I think that's all I needed to do.

                  B'Hatzlacha! Let me know how you get on!

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                    oritkarit Level 1

                    thank you erica, but I'v allready done this, that's why I can work in indesign, but those tools missing realy interrupt me working properly, I'v also notice that the story panel is not the same as it was, it's very odd...

                    I don't know but maybe if I'll install windows 7 insted ot windows 10, and then install adobe suit cs6 on, it might work as it was, does someone here tried it?

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                      Ericadyson Level 1

                      I am using Windows 10 and no problem so I don't think it's a Windows issue.

                      What's missing exactly?


                      When I used CS6 I had to install a plugin for In Design. I am now using CC2015.

                      So if you are on CS6 then you need the World Tools plugin from In-Tools... a

                      pain but I couldn't work without it! i http://www.in-tools.com

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                        oritkarit Level 1

                        I had win 7 and everything worked properly and I'v upgrade to win 10 and everything worked good and I didn't neet any plugins...

                        until now when I had to format my computer and after installing cs6 only in indesign "ME tools" are missing and the programe interface is not the same as it was... you can see the pict I'v attached in my first massage, the type tool, the paragraph direction icon is missing from the paragraph window, the story window lace of the direction of the text erea...that what I saw maybe theres more....

                        I'v enterd the link you attache Erica, but I'm not gonna buy it because I don't know if it will help me to solve my problem...

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                          Ericadyson Level 1

                          There is a demo version. I think it will fix it but see what they say.