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    How to contact Adobe support outside my hours of work?


      I'm trying to contact Adobe over a billing issue.  Basically they are charging me more than the agreed amount, and the current price on the UK website, for Adobe CC.  I've had no warning of a price increase, and there's no explanation why.

      Unfortunately, it seems the only way to contact Adobe support in the UK now is by phone or live chat, between 9am and 5pm (i.e. while I'm at work).  As the CC subscription has nothing to do with work, it would be very awkward to wait for live chat (not sure our firewall would allow it anyway), or for the phone to be answered (I can't make non-work calls at my desk), during work hours.

      How do I just send them a message, or make contact out of work hours?  If the answer is "you can't" then I'm sorry, but that's completely unreasonable and an unacceptable level of service