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    Activate trial version of Lightroom 5


      Hi, I downloaded the trial version of LR 5.7.1 on my Windows 7 32-bit machine. It worked OK during the trial phase so I decided to purchase a serial number from Adobe to activate it. I tried entering the serial number in the trial version and it did not work; I then tried deleting and reinstalling LR from the downloaded files supplied with the licence.


      As expected, LR 6 failed to install because it requires a 64-bit OS. When I try to reinstall LR 5 I get the trial window and can access the licence key entry screen, but the serial number that I purchased will not activate it. A red 'X' appears when I complete the serial number entry.


      I am new to this and love what Lightroom can do, so I am really anxious to get going on it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Jim Higgins