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    Lightroom Mobile Android Crashes


      I am using LR Mobile version 2.1 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Android 6.0.1 operating system. With both DNG and JPEG files LRM crashes and doesn't save the changes. I have an SD card installed but have saved the DNG and/or JPEG files to the installed memory in the file DCIM. Sometimes it crashes while I am making adjustments. The most recent crash was when I tried to save the changes as a JPEG. It started to save but after about 5 minutes the file wasn't saved and the app crashed. The settings are Sync Only Over WiFi turned off, Use SD Card and Collect Usage Data are both turned on. The tablet is WiFi only.


      I have a similar issue with PS Mobile in that it stops unexpectedly with loss of data. PS Mobile version 2.6.3.


      I plan on using these programs on a trip soon any and all help is appreciated.