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    Lightroom 6 import problem


      Hi - Lightroom 6 has suddenly stopped being able to import from cards. I get a message saying roughly ' could not copy files because they could not be read'. The files are not corrupted; I am able to copy them to the Mac and then get Lightroom to synchronise the catalogue, but it's a slow and unsatisfactory workaround. I'm using LR 6.6 and OS 10.9.5. I use a card reader which is working OK. Can anyone help? I have reset the LR preferences, but it made no differences.



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          That error is misleading. What it really means is the destination location you have selected does not have Write permissions for your user name. Either change the Read & Write permissions on that folder to include your user name or select a different folder that does have Read & Write permissions for your user name.