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    Anyone tried external gpu with iMac 5K retina?

    Arne Bru Haug

      My imac 5k i7 4ghz 32 gb ram, 1TB Fusion drive - 2gb video ram -is not impressing me in Premiere Pro Cc.


      Im wondering if I should get my hands on a external gpu via Thunderbolt, but I dont know if it will improve performance.


      Ive done some research and all info I can find on egpu-mods includes an external display of some sort, but the main reason to buy the 5K, is obviously, the 5K display.


      Is it not possible to use the power of a egpu without external display?


      All I want is to enhance the gpu-power of my iMac, to get better playback and rendering in Premiere and AE.


      Im also considering getting a BMD Mulitdock for external booting and footage storing/editing.


      Anyone tried this before?