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    Incomplete Import from SD Card


      I have LR 6.6.1.


      I just recently purchased a Sony A6000 and am finding that, whilst LR shows thumbnails of all of the images on the SD card (and all are new images, and all are ticked for import), only a portion of them get imported before LR just locks up (showing the import completion slider/meter at 100%, but never actually completes and finishes). Left it like that for 20 minutes - no completion.


      This only happens with a card from the A6000. Doesn't happen with my A7, or with a Nikon. I switched cards between A6000 and A7; problem stays with any card out of the A6000.


      If I keep cancelling the import (after freeze up) and restarting import, it imports more images each time (before freeze) until eventually (after 3 or 4 cancal and reimport repetitions) all the images are imported to completion.


      The A6000 has the latest firmware (3.20 - updated yesterday. Problem is there pre- and post- update).

      Since this seems to  be related to camera, possibly there is something in the way the A6000 formats the card?


      Any help or suggestions appreciated.