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    BC / Dreamweaver

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      Hi All.

      Hope some one can help, I have a website in BC and want to upload a different one now I have finished it. I have Dreamweaver cc 2015 which the site was built in but I can not see a way to get the site on to BC.

      I will be adding a URL from Go Daddy for this new website.


      I know I used to be able to create new BC site in Dreamweaver but that has now gone since the update.

      Can any one help please.


      Thanks, James.

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          TheColourfulOwl Level 2

          Hi James,


          The best way to do it, is to have a local version (on your pc) of your new website.


          You then need to connect to the BC server within Dreamweaver. To do this:


          Hover over site > new site. You should receive the following pop-up.

          New site.PNG


          Then enter the site name, and select the folder of the local website.


          Click on server, in the left panel. Then click on the little plus.




          A new widow will popup that looks like the following.



          Enter a server name. I normal use Business Catalyst Remote.


          Change the connection type to SFTP.


          The SFTP address is your business catalyst domain without the Http://. (yoururl.businesscatalyst.com)


          Port: 22.



          The username is the tricky bit. It's structured as follows. Your site URL/emailaddress/dw.

          For example:


          Make sure this is correct, or you'll receive an error with your username.



          Password, is the password you use to sign in.


          Web page URL is the site URL including the Http://.


          Once you've inputted all of the fields above, i suggest clicking on the Test link, and making sure you connect to the server properly.


          If you get the okay, hit save.


          Select the server you've just created an click on the double page icon to duplicate it. At the right side, you'll see 2 options, testing and remote. Make sure one is selected as testing, and the other is remote.





          You can then upload your site via the Dreamweaver server window, which looks like this.




          When you open the Dreamweaver site manager, you'll see a little connection symbol, if you click this it'll provide you access to the server. You'll be able to simply select the folder in the local view and upload it into the server as you see fit.




          If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.


          Kind regards,


          Nate C.

          Making Creativity Smart | Colourful Owl

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            jptphotography Level 1

            Nate, thank you for the answer, I will be giving it a go this week end, just sorting out my faulty macbook. I will let you know how it goes.


            Thank you, James.

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              jptphotography Level 1


              I have done exactly as you suggested but I can not get past the test part. it keeps coming up with ftp error, not authorised or out of spaces for websites. I will be having another go later in the week but tried it three times with the same result.


              Thanks Jim.