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    LR Desktop freezes the iMac

    vincenzo_corrado Level 1

      I have a iMac 27” Mid 2010 with OS X EL Capitan 10.11.6, 12 GB RAM, and LR 6.6.1 for mac in desktop version.


      This is the second time i open a thread for the same issue.


      The problem i have is that using LR the iMac freezes, the screen become black and the only way is to turn off the mac from the power button and then restart it!

      This happens every time i use LR, often just some seconds after it starts and i begin to work.

      It seems to be independent by the actions i do. It just freeze and there is no way to recover. I have to switch off the mac.



      The problem has started In the past months when i have installed LR (6.5.1).

      In that case, with the help of the friends of the forum, i have done a lot of tries to solve it. Disabled the GPU, reinstalled LR from scratch with no results


      After many tries, i have believed (for one week) that the problem was related to firefox because when i have used LR, firefox was alway launched and in two or three cases in which LR has worked properly firefox was not running.

      Making more test i have realized that this opinion was wrong. LR freezes the iMac even if is the only application running.

      LR after two or three times in which has worked fine has restarted to freeze the mac every time i have tried to use it.


      This happens in the same way today with the new version of LR and the new OS release.


      The problem is generated by LR and not by the mac which has never crashed or freezes without LR.


      I am very angry and bored by this behavior.


      I bought an application that has worked properly less than 10 times.


      Someone can  Help me to solve the problem ?


      Best Regards

      Vincenzo Corrado