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    How do you get support for software from Adobe?


      There is no way to get answers to why the Adobe software doesn't work. The forums are of no use. Neither are FAQs. The software isn't working.


      The original problem was:

      The play button on lightroom 6.3 has disappeared. I am not an idiot. I know what a play button looks like. There is no play button. These are videos not pictures. I know the difference. They did play in the software, now they do not. They play in quicktime. They are videos. Lightroom6 did play these videos now it does not. The software has become faulty.


      My question is HOW CAN I GET SUPPORT FROM ADOBE for their faulty software?


      All the website wants to do is sell me something else. Creative suite. Why would I buy £45 a month Creative suite when they can not support Lightroom.