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    photoshop edits in smart collections

    Stian Alexander



      Usually i edit my photos in a folder (within lightroom ofcourse) I thought I would create a smart collection first this time in order to triage the photos a bit better.


      I use Ctrl+E to edit a photo in Photoshop. I do my necessary edits, save and go back to lightroom. But the photo in the smart collection is still the original. If I go to the folder where the photos are, The edit is stacked with the original Photo. It has (as it seems) the same tags and color markings as the original photo. I have tried to change the order of the stack, but that is no help.


      I have tried splitting the stack, but the smart collection only reacts to changes in the original photo.


      What is happening here?

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          Stian Alexander Level 1

          I changed the smart collection from being photos in a collection, to photos in a folder with specific colormarking and stuff like that. But shouldnt a photo you edit, show up as the new version in the collection you edited it from no matter what?When I edit a photo in a smart collection I always want the latest version (untill I make a mistake and want to start over)

          why is it not stacked in a smart collection?

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            Bob Somrak Level 6

            If the new file DOES NOT meet the criteria of the Smart Collection than it will not show up in the Smart Collection.  For instance, if you have a Smart Collection that is "File type is RAW" and do an "Edit In Photoshop" of a RAW file from the Smart Collection the changed file is than NOT a RAW file so it will not show up in the Smart Collection.   What is the criteria of your Smart Collection.

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              Stian Alexander Level 1

              The Critea was that the photo should be in a (non-smart) collection, and be marked with the color green.


              My belief was that the edit should be considered as the same photo, as a stack. It is this in the folder, but not in the collection. So I marked all the photos in the collection with a keyword, and changed the smart collection to look for the keyword, instead of being a member in the collection and then the photo appeared in the smart collection.


              I'm still not sure I understand the logic why the photo does not inherit all the properties of the mother photo. I had understood it if I searched for  RAW or something like that. But not really here. Never the less I found a workaround with keyword and folder search instead. It works so I am happy. Thanks very much for yoir reply