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    how to insert a photo into a multiple existing photos in pdf without manually re-arrange all photos?


      For instance,  I have 16 photos, 4 /row, for total 4 rows, now I want to add a new photo at a place between existing photo 1 and photo2 ( the result will be 17 photos for 5 rows, the last row only has one photo) I know I can insert the photo and then MANUALLY re-allocate existing photos#2 to photo#16 , so that I will have 17 photo for 5 rows, but I want to find a way without MANULY re-arranging all photos from #2 to #16, because my task is to insert a photo into 140 existing photo in pdf, it is very hard to re-arrange rest photos one by one for so many photos.


      Please see the image below (real case), if I insert a new person's photo between sally boyne and mary alice braly, all the photos after mary alice will be moved one slot to the right ( or to next row), my question --- how can I do it without manually move then one by one?  because manually moving them is not suitable to me, for there are about 100 photos behind mary alice needed to be re-arranged.


      Please help me!! Thank you !!