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    Lightroom freezes/borks on import

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      Hi, I'm trying to add/import a new folder of about 2k photos from a shoot the other day into Lightroom CC. I have Creative Cloud, everything is updated. It worked fine with a previous set a few days ago, no issues. But this time, various odd behavior.


      Sometimes it freezes when generating previews. Sometimes it imports a few photos, and always an even number such as 50, 100, or 200. Never more than 200. Sometimes it freezes when importing. Sometimes it starts importing but then nothing.


      I've restarted the computer a thousand times. I rolled back to an older version of Lightroom. I even installed it fresh on another computer with no difference.


      Photoshop and Bridge opens everything fine, but Lightroom refuses to import these photos.


      I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. The machine has 8GB of RAM and ample HD-space. The photos reside on a NAS that is mounted as a logical drive on my machine. It works fine with *everything* except when trying to import this last set of files.


      Suggestions? I'm tearing my hair out.

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          ambrep15134580 Level 1



          Same here, I've tried:

          - rebooting my computer

          - updating Photoshop CC (was blocked my ByteFence, deleted the program)

          - uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom

          - updating my graphic card


          Nothing worked. My computer freezes when I'm trying to import new files (the wheel stops spinning and if I try to click anywhere it just closes).


          The problem started after the last update of Lighroom CC (did it today). The files open perfectly on Bridge (I culled them earlier), Lightroom is the only problem here...any idea?

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            I was having the same issue. After some research I found that it was caused by having videos and images on the same card.  I copied off the videos, imported my images and the freezing issue stopped.  I haven't research why this is, but it solved my issue.

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              isecore Level 1

              There are no videos in this set. Only images.

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                isecore Level 1

                I am also of the belief that the problem started after the latest update.

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                  There are a number of different outcomes when I try to import. For the record, I've copied all my photos off the memory card using a reader into a unique folder for this session. This is my workflow, this is how I function. It has worked flawlessly before.


                  But now, worst case is that it doesn't list previews or directories or anything, and locks up.


                  Best case so far: Some times it shows previews of all photos and everything seems dandy, but when actually starting import it simply stops after a while. It always stops on an even number, 20, 50, 100 or 200. Never more than 200. And it doesn't freeze, it just stops.

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                    ambrep15134580 Level 1

                    Okay, I've contacted the Adobe support and there are things to do:


                    Simplest solution (might not work)

                    First, you simply can go to c:\users\your user name\Appdata\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom and rename the preferences file into preferences_old

                    Then you can do the same within c:\users\your user name\Appdata\Local\adobe and rename the lightroom file into lightroom_old


                    Restart your computer and try again within LR.


                    Hardest solution (long)

                    If it doesn't work (which was the case for me), you'll need to completely clean your computer of all the Adobe files and reinstall everything (don't forget to save all your preferences/presets/etc).

                    - Uninstall all the products following this page: Utilisez l’outil Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner pour résoudre les problèmes d’installation

                    - Delete all those files:


                    C:\Program Files\Adobe

                    C:\Program Files (X86)\Adobe

                    C:\Programmes\Common Files\Adobe

                    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe

                    C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Adobe

                    C:\Programmes\Fichiers Communs\Adobe

                    C:\Program Files\Fichiers Communs\Adobe

                    C:\Program Files (X86)\Fichiers Communs\Adobe


                    C:\Utilisateurs\<votre nom>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe

                    C:\Utilisateurs\<votre nom>\AppData\Local\Adobe

                    - Empty the trash

                    - Restart your computer

                    - Reinstall all your softwares using the CC tool: https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud

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                      ambrep15134580 Level 1

                      Another tip:


                      The very long thing didn't work for me, so I tried something out of despair and it worked:

                      - I created sub-folders within the big folder

                      - I moved all the files into those folders, around 600 per folder

                      - I opened the general folder in LR (including also the sub-folders) and it WORKED.


                      I have a crazy speedy computer with massive mamory cards, an SSD and a great graphic card, and since it opened all the pictures anyways I don't understand why it didn't work before, but hey, worked for me...

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                        isecore Level 1

                        None of the suggested solutions worked for me. Neither of the short/long nor the third attempt.

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                          isecore Level 1

                          This is obviously a bug in Lightroom, or a problem with Lightroom.


                          I have tried everything. I have cleaned configs, removed libraries. I've reinstalled Lightroom numerous times. Photoshop/Bridge reads everything fine. I've even done it in a COMPLETELY different computer that was _FRESH_ installed for the purpose. Literally installed it clean, then installed Lightroom and it immediately did the same thing.


                          Adobe, this is unacceptable. The "workarounds" you've provided do not work and it's unreasonable that the paying users should troubleshoot your software.

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