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    Some JPEG pictures will not show up on Lightroom import


      Hi, I had a catalog for all my iPhone pictures they are around 26,000 photos. when I did a folder syncronization update it did remove from jpeg photos like 5% of them.

      I can open the missing photos from explorer, But I'm unable to see them in my LR catalog, neither import them to my catalog.

      I even tried to create a new catalog and import it there, but it still fails to show in the import catalog.


      the missing photos have no patterns that I could identify. they are JPEG format. If I make a copy of the photo file It will show up on the import dialog. But the problem is I have tons of pictures missing.


      What can I do?


      my lightroom version is 2015.6.1 on a windows 10 machine

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          There is a dialog box that comes up when you synchronize a folder. It looks like this.

          Synchronize dialog.PNG

          I suggest you look at and read all dialog boxes that come up. There is always a Cancel button to back out of what you are doing.

          LR does not remove files from your hard drive without user input.

          The LR synchronize feature does not remove images from the catalog unless that option is checked and the actual image file is still present on your hard drive in the same folder it was in when it was imported.


          LR is not Aperture. It works similar in some respects but not in all respects.

          You need to review some online tutorials on how LR works and how to work with LR. Maybe even buy a book on how to use LR.


          Your images are no "IN" LR. LR is just a Database program that references, make a record of, your images into the LR Database file (the LR Catalog file). If you delete images from your hard drive using the File Manager program, Finder, then those images will still show in LR but with either an exclamation mark ( ! ) or a question mark ( ? ) because it can't see them on the hard drive. They have been deleted outside of LR.

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            ottavioc58348345 Level 1

            Found the issue!


            I identified the images as the ones that where live photo, and as per forums treads I just check the option 'Treat jpeg next to raw files as separate photos'



            Really appreciated your prompt reply.



            Thank you