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    Adobe Digital Editions keeps freezing when I try to open/read an acsm file.

    KrissieG Level 1

      I first got Adobe Digital Editions when I bought a book off of Books-a-million and needed it to read the file. It worked fine then. But recently, I wanted to re-read the book, I opened Adobe Digital Editions and it froze, giving me the classic Program not Responding message. I updated the program. I authorized my computer again. I removed the book from the library and brought it back in. It still won't open. I've tried with another ACSM file and it still freezes. I just end up closing it and opening it again and it still won't open. I don't remember if I downloaded the book and program when I had Windows 10 or not. But the second ACSM file I downloaded a week ago still doesn't work.

      No matter what Adobe Digital Editions still freezes. I've gotten it to open plain EPUB files, but it won't open any ACSM files. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, can you give me a hand so I can fix it? It would be greatly appreciated.