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    DRM problem.

    cecilie thankec5786917

      I have a Sony ereader Model PRS-T2, had it for years with no problems.

      I bought two new ebooks a few months ago, found out they have the DRM lock on them and I can't transfer them from Adobe to my ereader.

      How do I convert/unlock them?

      I also discovered that the programme does not show my devise when I open it with my ereader plugged in. When I initially downloaded the program I didn't sign up as I didn't know it was that important.


      Can anyone help me? Im at a loss.

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          Nanaky Level 5

          If you has forget to authoirze Digital Edition you can read the eBook only on this device how has download the first. If you authoirze digital on the device you can not read the eBook before. Before you authoirze Digital Eidtion with your Adobe ID should ask your reseller if you can get the ebook new.