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    Customize IE Browser


      I have a topic that I have linked to open in a New Window when I create a hyperlink. That opens it in my default browser, which is IE. First, if a user's default browser is not IE, will the topic still open in IE? Second, how can I customize the browser, so that the toolbars/address bar do not appear. I thought I had seen this post somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.


      P.S. I successfully created a secondary window that opened, and I was so thrilled to finally succeed at it. See... http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=449&threadid=11457 12
      However, as I work in my project and recompile, the parameter for the secondary window gets stripped out of the CLASSID section. If I could solve this problem, then I would prefer this method. If you know the answer to this situation, that would be great!
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          jhemmi Level 1

          This procedure applies to RoboHelp for HTML X3 with the browser settings I wanted. You can customize within this procedure.

          Opening a Customized Browser Secondary Window

          1. Enter window name. We will use ABC window.

          2. Select ABC window, and click the Insert Hyperlink button.

          3. Select the window topic to which you want to link. The text in the Link to field will appear as:




          before the text, and then enter


          at the end of the text. It will now look like:


          4. Click next to the ABC window link.

          5. From the Insert menu, select Advanced>Script...

          6. Paste the following text in the Source tab area.

          function tekOpenWindow(page)
          window.open(page, null, 'height=500, width=600,toolbar=yes, menubar=no, scrollbars=yes, location=no, status=no');

          7. Click OK to add the script and close the Script dialog box.

          Note: A red square appears on the WYSIWYG tab where you inserted the script.

          Good luck!

          P.S. The opened browser will not display your topic on a network. It only works locally.