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    I'm a Pro Member, but can't 'Enhance Scans' to make them searchable

    michaelh46401563 Level 1

      I've been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how to use these features that I never knew I was paying for.


      Primarily... the "Enhance Scans" feature that I should have access to. I'm scanning all kinds of invoices and documents and had searched the internet for a solution that would allow me to make the text searchable, and low and behold... Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription has this feature... which I've had a subscription to forever.


      When I follow the tutorial that Adobe offers... I come to the "Enhance Scans" icon and below it says "Add".  Everytime I click the add button, it takes me to a screen that says I already have this service/account subscription and must create another account if I want to add this to another subscription. I'm logged in through Adobe Acrobat Reader DC... what am I doing wrong?

      Thanks in advance!