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    Windows 10 Media Player & Movies/TV PlayerStop Working After Elements Update


      A few days back I was prompted to install latest updates to my Elements Premiere 13 running on Windows 10, since then I can no longer play back video with WIndows Media Player or Moves & TV. I get the following error in Movies & TV (WMP just gives a generic "encountered a problem error)


      Can't Play

      To continue using this app, install the latest version




      So I've done some Google reserach and it looks like this is a fairly common issue with Adobe not playing nicely with WIndows 10. Very few solutions I can find except uninstall Adobe, so unless you fancy refunding me the purchase price of Elements Photoshop and Premiere I'd like an answer on how to resolve this.


      Please don't give me a standard cut and paste boiler plate response and actually provide a useful solution