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    flash links

      ive been trying to hadle flash for ages now, on my own. and its to hard so far. i cant even do this...

      how do i make a swf, so that then it is in a web browser in html, if i click it will take me to a preset desired location. im really frustrated and id really apreciate the help

      my site is [URL]www.haroldinium.com{/URL} and an example on there would be ther talking charcters, how can i make it so if you click there, it directs me to another page?

      thanks in advance

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if you have a movieclip or button assign it an instance name (in the properties panel) and use getURL(). for example, if your movieclip/button has instance name btn1 and you want to open a window showing adobe.com, you could use: