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    Flex 1.5 Header Renderer styles question

      I am having a great deal of trouble setting individual header properties in a DataGrid. I have tried multiple approaches with this to no avail. Basically I am trying to highlight specific columns with a different color to differintiate them from lesser important columns.

      If I declare a headerRenderer AND I declare a CSS headerStyle, I can get a background color to appear. The problem then is that there are margins all around the headerCellRenderer that show the default HeaderRow colors of the DataGrid. Setting the margins to 0 or not declaring them does not resolve this issue.

      If I declare no headerRenderer AND I declare a CSS headerStyle, nothing seems to take effects aside from text formatting in the cell.

      If I declare the headerStyle in the MXML and then set the backgroundColor, it does nothing.

      Is there any way to basically have different columns have different HeaderCell backgroundColors. Maybe I have overcomplicated this issue or simply overlooked something. Please help. Thanks