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    Acrobat DC - Font sizing on forms


      I scanned and converted a 14 page lease agreement to a PDF form in Acrobat DC Pro . All the form fields were detected and I was able to fill them in, but there is a wide variance in font size (for example, see the screenshots below from two different pages):





      Is there an easy way to make all the font sizes uniform?  If I try to change the font size individually, I run into another problem.  On most of the them, I click on the text that I filled in and the text size and font name become available to change in the box over to the right.  But on many of them, like the top of the two screenshots above, I can't even select the text   I click on the text I filled in and nothing happens - it's like it's not a form field.  Therefore, the text size and font name box is grayed out and I can't change the font size.


      I am new to Acrobat Pro DC so I suppose I'm overlooking something.  Any assistance is appreciated.