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    FlashPaper Menu in Word Missing

      I have recently installed Studio 8 which comes with Contribute 3 which come with FlashPaper2 (why they bundled Contribute and FlashPaper together, I can't figure). I like FlashPaper and have been experimenting with it in my work area. For some reason, I get to work today and Word does not have the FlashPaper conversion menu or the Tool bar showing. I check my toolbar settings to turn them back on and the option isn't there. I check MS Excel and PowerPoint and the Menu and toolbars are showing, no problem. I tried unistalling Contribute and reinstalling (cuz FPis bundled with Contribute). Still no luck.

      Has anyone encountered this and if so, what is the solution? Most of my FlashPaper conversions would be in Word.

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          I have the same problem, have uninstalled all of studio 8 also uninstalled all of Office and reinstalled both, still no menu on Word. What gives? Have the menu and tool bar on all other MS Office products.

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            Adjust your Macro Security settings (via "Tools") in MS Office applications: bring it to "medium" level, and restart MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint.

            When prompted: accept Macros from Adobe and particularly the "blank" one. And you see "flashpaper" menu and toolbar appearing within seconds.

            Still doesn't work? Restart your computer, with the macro settings in MS office application at medium security level.

            Hope it helps. Please share your experience.