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    Graphic card performance in pci-e (3.0) x8 lane slot?

    Indio22 Level 1

      How much if any does running a graphics card in a pci-e 3.0 x8 lane slot limit the performance for Premier (or for other Creative Studio applications such as After Effects)?  Currently I am running a 560ti graphics card.  Probably an older card such as that takes no performance hit running x8? 


      I wonder at what point in modern graphics cards, does running with x8 lanes start causing performance issues?  The reason I ask, is because I am intrigued by the new pci-e SSDs, which require x4 3.0 pci-e slot for max performance.  On my current Z97 board, that would require running my graphics card at x8, in order to use the x4 slot for the SSD.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Do not worry about it, do it.  Your old card will not hardly notice the change.  Plan on upgrading to something like the GTX 1060 eventually, I just got one and am impressed for the moderate cost with reasonable performance.  With 3-4 times as many CUDA cores and much greater memory bandwidth it is a good buy.  I have a crippled GTX 970 (only runs at x8) that I run an am happy with it.