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    Pathfinder Unite all objects on each layer


      I wonder if someone can help me to make script, wich doing unite shape mode via pathfinder on all objects on each layer.

      Manually i activate one layer, pushing ctrl + a, then clicking on Unite shape mode button. Then layers are more then 50, it making big peace of time.

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          pixxxel schubser Level 5

          Hi arop16461101,

          in Illustrator DOM isn't a direct command for the pathfinder available.



          Are there only simple paths in your selection?

          And your Illustrator version is newer than CS5?

          You can try something like this (only CS6+ ):

          // select 2 or more path items
          app.executeMenuCommand("Live Pathfinder Add");


          Have fun.


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            zertle Level 2

            Piggybacking off of pixxxel schubser


            function MergeAllLayers() {
                // exit early if there are no files open
                if( !app.documents.length ) return;
                var doc = app.activeDocument;
                // clear selection
                doc.selection = null;
                // loop through all layers
                var layers = doc.layers;
                for( var i = 0, ii = layers.length; i < ii; i++ ) {
                    // select everything on the current layer
                    layers[i].hasSelectedArtwork = true;
                    app.executeMenuCommand("Live Pathfinder Add");  
                    // clear selection
                    doc.selection = null;


            Setting the hasSelectedArtwork Layer property equal to true is a fun trick to select everything on a layer, you just have to make sure to clear any other selection first.

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              arop16461101 Level 1

              I thought that now I will always do it manually. So, many thanks to u! It works  so fast!!!