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    PhoneGap Build - cli-6.3.0 gives wrong icon for iPhone 6 plus settings screen


      When using cli 6.0.0 and above building an app results in the failure to override default icon with the dimension 87 x 87 created when building the app with the icon specified in the config.xml file. This results in a built app having the correct icon in the list of apps but not the correct icon when viewing the settings in the iPhone 6 plus settings, resulting in seeing the Cordova robot icon.


      It would appear this issue has been present since 6.0.0 going by the following posted on c.getsatisfaction.com about 6 months ago:


      https://c.getsatisfaction.com/nitobi/topics/cli-6-0-0-gives-wrong-icon-and-splash-on-ios?t opic-reply-list[settings][page]=2#topic-reply-list


      I have been using PhoneGap Build with cli 5.4.1 for a while now and as mentioned at the start, the issue does not appear. However, I need to upgrade to cli 6.0.0 and above due to needing to have access to some of the latest API's in Android. I am also unable to go down a post-fix route due to how I am using the service.


      So my main question now is is there a fix for this that I am not aware of or is this still an issue and if so is there a plan to fix it around the corner as it is? I can understand in the grand scheme of this this is not a huge bug, but the end result of the builds I do are for commercial customers and therefore I can't have the Cordova robot in the settings screen.