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    Anyone have experience with book1one.com?

    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

      I've been assisting a local church with a history volume which is slated to be printed by book1one.com. We're ready to output PDF for printing, but I can't seem to get any info on color management or PDF settings they want.


      When asked directly, this was the response:


      I checked with production and this was their note:

      “We do not have or provide ICC profiles. The CMYK print is completed on press in CMYK format with the presses calibrated to HP standards.”

      If there is concern about the files and color we recommend ordering a proof as part of your overall order so you can review before printing the rest of the books. Changes to the file can be made at that point if necessary.


      From this I surmise that the printing is done on an HP digital press, most likely an Indigo, but no clear indication of model. Last time I sent a book to an Indigo we ran a number of proofs and from what I can tell looking at the 5-year-old files we probably ended up using the SWOP profile or Sheetfed Coated printing on a matte stock. As I recall the HP provided profile was not as good, colorwise, but it's been so long I've forgotten the details and the client has the proofs.


      Anyone out there ever use these folks and have any advice?