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    Creating a photo "dartboard"


      Newbie just learning the basics of InDesign (and Illustrator and Photoshop).


      I'm looking to create an image similar to the below from a movie poster. A dartboard of sorts, with thick white borders, and where I can fill each section with a different photo. I've played around with multiple circles and transparency... but to be honest- I have no clue what I am doing! Are there any suggestions or links that would set me in the right direction on how to create such a design (in a semi-simple manner)?


      Is this work best done in InDesign or Illustrator or Photoshop?


      Thanks in advance!!!



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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          This design would have equal level of difficulty in each of the apps mentioned:  ID IL or PS. And the answer would be the application you feel the most comfortable using.


          If I were to do this in Indesign, I would create layers for each concentric row of photos. The photo frames would not need to be perfect pie slices, rather a rough polygon. The top most layer(s) would be the concentric circles, with white stroke, no fill. And, a top layer for the sectional parts. These would define the pie slices.

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            Salah Fadlabi Level 5

            This is a quick sample.

            1- Draw a circle, then use scale tool to scale about 60% and click on copy,then select the next circle and again scale tool and scale about 90% and click copy. Repeat for others circles.

            2- Select the outside circle and next one, and from pathfinder click subtract. Repeat for others circles.



            3- Draw a rectangle, then use rotate tool, insert angle for my sample (40) and click copy and from object menu>transform again>transform sequence again.



            4- Select all rotated rectangles and circle underneath, from pathfinder click subtract. Repeat for others circles.






            5- Select all circle, from object menu>path>release compound path.




            6- File>place images.

            7- For Type, draw a circle and use Type on a path tool (Shift+T)

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              jmvrankin Level 2

              Nicely done!