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    Exporting information from a MongoDB database into Adobe InDesign.

      I am a complete newbie to MongoDB and am using "MongoDB shell version: 3.2.1" with Windows 10 (64-bit) as my OS.
      I wish to set up a MongoDB database with a great many "documents" to hold all the "raw material" (initial versions of text, photos, PDFs, and possibly audio- and video-clips) prior to their inclusion in an autobiography.
      I have chosen MongoDB as my NoSQL database in preference to a MySQL or MariaDB database due to my inability to *pre-ascertain* the correct schema, as I have no idea as to which table fields will be required.


      I wish to work on the *final* versions of the text (once queried out of the MongoDB database in "chapter order") first in MS Word and then transfer them for the final pre-publication formatting of the book (with photos and PDFs) in Adobe InDesign.

      Is a MongoDB database suitable for holding and sorting all the "raw material" and, if so, how would I export the responses to all my queries of the MongoDB database ***in a format that would enable me to keep working on the text.in first MS Word and then Adobe InDesign***.

      I have come across the "mongoexport" utility but this seems to only export in CSV or JSON format, neither of which seem to lend themselves to working with text.

      Many thanks in advance for as detailed responses as possible.