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    Body won't move, fixed and dangle points don't work. Please help [LOCKED - Duplicate thread]

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      Hi everyone please bare with me as I'm new to this. I have created a cheater and his body won't move at all unless I put it in the head group. Once the body is in the head group I try to add fixed points to the feet and they just don't work. The mesh extense out the body but there are no islands.

      i am happy with the head. I'm new to photo shop so my problem probably stems from there. Some of my layers are not named correctly as some of my keys don't work on my keyboard but I have copied and pasted the important ones. I really don't know what the problem is and would really ap some help. Thank you.



      Plus us when I drag with the mouse this happens


      The whole body moves. I've been trying to get his chain to dangle but it just won't work.