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    I need a new set of eyes to look at my work, Could the Forum Help?

    boby11433731 Level 1

      Hi forum members .

      I started with no previous Illustrator, Photoshop or Character Animator experience. Never heard of animating puppets until I saw a video on You Tube. But by the magic of blind luck I have a puppet. It only has taken 4 months. But it does work.

      I would like the form to look at some screen shots and view by structure and layers. Ihave tried to produce the puppet like “Wilk”. But when I imported it into Ch nothing happens. No lip snyc, no head movement, eyes or eyebrows.

      The puppet contains only the Frontal view, have four more heads to add. Plus 9 more hand sets.

      Take a look any help given will be greatly appreciated.