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    Desperate help needed

      Ok, I have a problem...

      Firstly, hi all!!

      Ok, I am making a 3D game, It consists of a miniture globe with a road going all the way around it, along with a user controlled car. I have added some links to some images to show what i am making, of course, the world is not finished yet, but i am looking to address my problem before i carry on with the modelling.


      As you can see, i have constructed my scene in 3DS Max, and to test things so far, i have imported the scene file into director, and everything is set up ok, however, now i need to make the car stick to the road, so when the user presses the control keys (accelerate for example) the car will drive along the road, i.e - stick to it.

      So far, i have added the controls and everything, but i cannot get the car to stick to the road surface, the car just flies off in a straight line into the distance.

      I am really stuck on this one guys, i would really appreciate any help, i just don't know what lingo to use. Someone told me about using a spring from the ChromeLibs tools i think it was, but i can't get this to work properly

      Can anyone help?
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          Have a look in the Havok Extra Lingo Ref. Guide. You'll find a mention of gravity.

          Syntax havok.gravity
          Access Get/Set
          This property holds the current force of gravity for the simulation. You specify gravity
          display units, so you need to be careful when setting it up. If using a scale factor of
          1.0 (i.e. meters) then gravity should be (0, -9.81, 0) to act appropriately (assuming
          positive Y is up).
          The following Lingo example displays the current gravity before changing it.
          put havok.gravity
          -- vector( 0, 0, -386.22 )
          Havok Xtra Lingo Reference Guide
          Copyright © 2000/2001 Havok.com Inc. 3
          havok.gravity = vector( 0, 0, -100 )
          put havok.gravity
          -- vector( 0, 0, -100.0 )

          I dont know if itll be any use to you, but I believe it to be the answer you are looking for.