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    recovering a drawing in illustrator draw.

    mkeisha Level 1

      To: Adobe illustrator draw community.


      Hello, I am writing because I was working on adobe illustrator draw

      and a drawing that I was working on disappeared.

      To the right of the screen was a layer, and when I had tapped

      on the layer it unlocked the drawing. I would like to know

      if a drawing can be be recovered? If so what are the steps

      of recovering it. Does the program save a drawing by

      default and if so where is it saved at?



      From: Adobe user

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          HI MKeisha,


          There's no way to recover a deleted layer once you've closed out of the canvas (it's possible in Sketch but not in Draw).


          The next time you accidentally delete a layer (at least it sounds like that's what you did), just tap the Undo button in the top nav. That will bring it back. (Pressing-and-holding on the Undo button reveals a Redo button.)


          I'm sorry. I know that doesn't bring your work back.



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