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    Membership Fee + Cancellation Fee???

    joeyb21772715 Level 1

      Hi, I'm a student at the University of Mississippi, and I cancelled my membership due to a $53 fee (I don't have that kind of money) and then I was charged a $133 cancellation fee?? What gives Adobe? That's bull.


      As a student, I shouldn't have been charged that much anyway, much less the surprise cancellation fee which I had no warning about. Please fix this.


      Best regards,

      Joey Bates

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is an open forum, not Adobe support... click below to contact Adobe staff to help

          While the forums are open 24/7 you may not contact Adobe support at all times

          Chat help: Mon - Fri  5am - 7pm  (US Pacific Time) <=== NOTE DAYS AND TIME

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            Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

            I am so sorry that you were not aware of this, here are the terms & conditions: Adobe - Subscription Terms




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              Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

              I have send a personal message, please check.




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                kathleenr51120298 Level 1

                I am in shock. I was not aware of a cancelation fee. After canceling my Membership two days ago, I checked my bank account and noticed a 89.99 charge, what the hell? The reason I canceled is because we lost an income, meaning I don't have money just growing on trees.  It would have been helpful to get notified that there will be a cancellation fee, as I was notified that my membership is canceled and that I am still able to use it, till the end of this month. I am very disappointed and will not buy any adobe products ever again ps. very upset customer

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                  daniellec58005331 Level 1

                  The same just happened to me. $39.99 cancellation fee, what the hell indeed! I never would have bought Creative Cloud if I knew there was a cancellation fee. They know you're not going to read through all those damn terms and conditions so they put b.s. like this in. I was cancelling to try and scrap by to buy textbooks for college! This is how they repay a customer who's payed monthly for 2 years now. Thanks Adobe you ***** B[

                  I will never be buying or recommending Adobe products again if this isn't fixed.

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                    lisak753 Level 1

                    Hi that same just happened to me and I am from the UK! I just posted this up on the forum:


                    I signed up to the Creative Cloud student edition membership last July and was annoyed to find looking back at my accounts that for the last two months I have been paying out £21.91 for software I haven't been using since July this year. When I took out the subscription I was under the impression that the membership was only for a year and that I would need to pay a monthly fee of £15.49. No where was I informed that the contract would automatically renew at the end of the year and that the fees would increase! I was disgusted to therefore find the amount coming out of my account, let alone not receiving an email at all before the end of the annual membership to let me know that the membership would automatically renew and that my fee would increase, as well as the fact that when I cancelled my contract today that I would incur a penalty charge of £109.00 which is an outrageous 50% of the annual fee, for apparently leaving a contract that I wasn't even aware that I had!


                    I initially had the contract for my last year at Birmingham City University and it was great, but after graduating in June, I just expected the contract to finish in July or at least to receive a email telling about the auto renewal.


                    I contacted a member of the customer service team today and they didn't help in the slightest at all, they did however try and offer me another membership! I looked around and ended up finding lots of people who have had the same problem when it comes to the cancellation penalty charge and how difficult it is to leave their memberships.


                    I am so disappointed and angry about this, that I intend on letting my university and social media know about the TRUE nature of Adobe memberships and what I have found out about how difficult it is to cancel your membership, stopping your membership from automatically renewing and never being contacted about the automatic renewal and membership increase and penalty charges. This might just open peoples eyes to the way Adobe lock people into contracts and have no intention of treating your with respect by keeping you informed, but instead surprise you with fee increases in your bank statement!

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                      aw98980019 Level 1

                      Indeed, Adobe's policy in this is irresponsible. Emails about the membership are very vague; the amount of money which is mentioned in the emails announcing the prolongation of the cloud membership is disconnected from the information that it concerns A] an annual subscription and B] that the amount has to be paid monthly. I had bought an edu license and realized only by chance that it was automatically transformed into an expensive annual subscription after one year. Luckly such practices are forbidden in the Netherlands: Automatic renewal subscription | Answers for Business.

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                        pricehick Level 1

                        What a scam!!! No other consumer cloud software companies I know charge a cancellation fee.  What's the fee for exactly?  Does automatically turning off the charge on my credit card take so much work that you need $50 to do it? This is exploitation, plain and simple. It reminds me of the Blockbuster late charges for video rentals.  And where is blockbuster now?  Exactly.  Cancellation fees and annual contracts are desperate, outdated vestiges of failed service models.  It says a lot about Adobe that they are choosing this cynical service model rather than simply trying to make customers love their products. 

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                          pricehick Level 1

                          Hi John - let me just make sure I'm understanding your correctly.  Are you defending this cancellation fee scam?  Please clarify because you give no context to your post.

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                            John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            The cancellation fee is part of the terms and conditions when you sign up. There is no scam. It's a case of familiarizing yourself with the terms and conditions before you join. If you join a Cloud plan, you agree to pay a cancellation fee for cancelling your plan early. If you don't agree with it, don't join.


                            You called the cancellation fee a symptom of a failed service model. I was merely highlighting that 8+ million subscribers to date suggest that this model is working very well for Adobe to date so I don't believe it's failing.

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                              aw98980019 Level 1

                              In my case the problem was the following. I bought an annual license for 24 Euros through a Dutch portal for educational licenses. After one year I recieved an email from adobe saying that the license was automatically extended for one year. The email stated that it would cost 22 euros. However, what remained unclear was that the 22 euros referred to a monthly and not to an annual amount. Only in very tiny and gray letters somewhere deep in the email adobe says that the amount had to be paid on a monthly basis. For customers that's really very, very tricky! Moreover, automatic renewals are forbidden by law in the Netherlands: Automatic renewal subscription | Answers for Business Unfortunately, adobe doesn't pay attention to that. I guess this would make an interesting case for a lawyer!

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                                lynniej94423728 Level 1

                                I got charged CA $298 without them informing me or validating if I would like to renew my plan. And I don't ever believe I paid THAT much. The Adobe Support Call Centre isn't responsive, like I had spent an hour trying to call them just so they could pick up the phone. And I just sent them a chat online so they better resolve this issue or else I'm really going to lose it. The cancellation fee is also total bullcrap too, if I'd have known this I would never have signed up. For a well-known company, the way they handle things is really sketchy...

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                                  bernardi25355718 Level 1

                                  It suggests that they have a brand that has monopolized the photo editing game and taken advantage of the fact that their name is trusted. No one in their right mind charges that kind of fee for a a cost that their company can clearly pay due to having that many customers. If such a policy were implemented when they were up-and-coming, they probably never would have made it this far. But this is what you get in corporate America, including idiots like you defending it. I am enraged about this cancellation fee, and anyone with an ounce of sense knows that this is a scheme to make some money on their behalf. Burn, baby, burn.

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                                    tylerd55464442 Level 1

                                    i only needed it for 3 months I choose the monthly plan and now im looking at $90 just to stop paying for it

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                                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      Does nobody read the terms they CLICK TO AGREE before buying something?


                                      Subscription Terms https://www.adobe.com/misc/subscription_terms.html

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                                        chrisg57780770 Level 1

                                        I know this is an old message but I just found out today. This is pathetic and sad. I wish they emphasized the termination fees when they're promoting their product or sent an email of the cancellation fee when subscribing to Adobe. This is real slick of them, like one of those tiny term and conditions you see on the bottom of the commercials.


                                        In all services I've subscribed online, they can be canceled without a termination fee.


                                        And with all with my hatred on this company, I'm willing to cancel it and pay for the fee. Just to get it over with and never subscribe to adobe again. I hope termination fees should pop up more often on Google search so people can be more aware of it.

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                                          JohnS3003 Level 1
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                                          chrisg57780770Level 1

                                          My sentiments precisely.

                                          For a company whose apps are suffering from sloppy and careless wording in their online prompts, instructions, and navigation aids, perhaps we should have expected that the same practice persists in the legal and the marketing offices!

                                          In my case, I am positive that no mention of any cancellation-fee penalty was made.

                                          Interesting:   What I now see is that Adobe has not one, but approximately 24 "legal subscription terms"!  Why?  How many of those has it taken, Adobe, before you achieve the optimum number, to bamboozle your customers with shady... sleazy... underhanded wordsmithing, all neatly tucked out of view when the buyers are making a decision???

                                          I'm disgusted.  I have already made contact with the Consumer Protection division of the FTC.  In addition, I think that such watchdog movements as U.S. Public Interest Research Group; Consumers Union; BBB; Consumer Federation of America might be interested to learn a little about this issue.

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                                            JohnS3003 Level 1

                                            Hello, John T Smith:

                                            If Adobe would provide an appropriate exposure of whatever Terms we the customers were offered to read -- and I'm not much inclined that that was the case for me, and multiple other soon-to-be-ex-customers from what I am reading -- then Adobe would have avoided opening up this publicity can of worms.   It merely takes some reasonable adults to lay out terms of a subscription in an honest, non-sleazy way...   Why are there approximately 24 discrete "legal subscription terms" clauses on the Adobe website??   Why twenty-four?


                                            But no matter, with the debate here in this forum.  I expect that very soon Adobe will be getting some visits and inquiries from the FTC Consumer Protection Division; BBB; U.S. Public Interest Research Group; Consumers Union; maybe even good ol' Woody Leonhard would like to lend his voice to the issue of Adobe's business practices.

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                                              kaomi Level 1

                                              Ive been waiting to talk to a customer service agent about this for over an hour and waiting for an online chat answer for over 2 hours with the same issue!! I am a student and I can no longer afford the money to pay for the service. I dont believe using your customer service hotline is helpful at all! If I would have known about the cancelation fee I would have just stuck out the cheaper payments but wasnt given the option and wasnt unable to undo the processing. Looking at these forums they have been ripping students off since 2009...

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                                                karoliss26301556 Level 1

                                                Same happened to me.


                                                NEVER USING ADOBE AGAIN.


                                                THEY SCARED MY COMPANY TO PAY 50% off from cancellation.


                                                I said that we're not paying a cent.


                                                THEY CANCELLED IT FOR FREE. "AS A GOOD WILL GESTURE". OMG.


                                                TOTAL SCAM AND WASTE OF EVERYONE's NERVES.

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                                                  Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                                                  They shouldn't have refunded that, it's unfair to people who bothered to read the web site and do the right thing. The terms are clear, and it should be evident to anyone that there is a monthly plan and an annual plan, and the annual plan is cheaper BECAUSE YOU PROMISE TO PAY FOR A YEAR. The only thing they don't mention is the 50% refund for cancellation. It's a REFUND NOT A PENALTY. It seems there are a lot of people who don't want to keep their promises. I suggest you never take out a cell phone contract, you would find them much less forgiving.

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                                                    TomHu Level 1

                                                    I have to agree with those characterizing this cancellation fee as a scam. It's very scammy and misleading, especially when you sign up for a monthly payment and realize that you are in fact signing up for a year-long contract and there's a ransom required to get out of it.


                                                    This is an incredibly shady cash-grab by Adobe, I don't care if it's in the Terms which no one reads. As Adobe is providing no discount or added benefit for committing to a year-long contract, there is no reason for this ridiculous cancellation fee. Adobe has become greedy with questionable business practices, I can no longer support this company or their products after 25 years of being a customer.

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                                                      Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                                                      Yes, they are providing a substantial discount. Did you compare the annual (paid monthly) and monthly prices?