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    Edge Animate Actions / Script?

    Stefan Hallberg

      Edge Animate Version:

      I am using Adobe Edge Animate for the first time as it seems to be able to do what I need in this specific instance. After having watched a few tutorials I thought that I had it down but something is missing.


      End result goal: 2 stacked images with the viewer clicking in the top photo triggering a 3 second fade to the image below, clicking on the 2nd photo and triggering the sequence in reverse, a fade to the top photo.  I have only built the first part with the clicking fading to photo 2, the reverse not yet built as I am not able to get the first part to behave as expected.


      In the screenshot below the first key frame is set to opacity 100% and the second key frame at 3 seconds is set to opacity 0%, this plays fine from within Edge Animate with the top photo fading revealing the photo below.

      Stefan - Actions and Timeline.png

      In order to achieve the goal stated above, I entered this code for the top photo Actions:

      function(sym,   e)

      // insert code for mouse click here

      // play the timeline from the given position (ms or label)

      1. sym.play(00:00);

      // stop the timeline at the given position (ms or label)

      1. sym.stop(3:00);


      When previewing in browser, Firefox, all I get is the 2nd photo just sitting there with no click ability, no motion, no fade or anything.

      Any input and assistance to getting this to achieve the desired result will by much appreciated.